A/W 2019

The Framhus A/W 2019 Collection is inspired by Film Noir, a dark and mysterious genre of film originating from USA in the 1940’s.

The Collection consists of a combination of modern graphics, abstract flowers and hand painted leopard and hounds tooth prints.

Davis Lynch’s film «Lost Highway” from 1997 uses Film Noir elements, which is a predominant source of inspiration for this Collection. The graphics resemble street markings, traffic signs and shadows from windows and blinds. The leopard prints are inspired by the main female characters style.

The 90’s mens flannel plaid shirt influenced the various check patterns in the modal/cashmere scarves and hand woven merino wool jacquards. The graphic Peony print represents the essence of the Film Noir; sharp contrasts, shadows and overexposure.

The palette for the collection is as the Film Noir style; dark and mysterious. The black, charcoal and chocolate browns are combined with touches of gold, sea, olive and blush tones.

Photographer: Fred Jonny

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