S/S 2019

The Framhus S/S 2019 collection is inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, known for her beautiful, bold and bright colored clothing that celebrated her culture.

Frida Kahlo is recognised as an icon of female creativity and strength. She was politically active and fought for social issues, especially concerning the hardships of women of her time. She experienced much pain, both physical and emotional in her short lifetime, often portrayed in her paintings.

The Framhus S/S 2019 collection is a mixture of the bright and beautiful colors found in Mexican folk art. Inspiration is also drawn from the various flowers in Frida’s hair.

The grids, checks and rigid lines combined with the colorful folklore florals symbolize her beauty and life, but also her constraints and hardships due to poor health and tragic life events.

All these elements together create a collection of modern printed scarves made in beautiful silks, the softest modal/silk blends and the lightest merino wool.

Photographer: Fred Jonny